Handloom Fabrics
Handloom has always been a critical part in maintaining the repo of ancient heritage as well as in improving it with new designs and trends. To comply with this, we are featuring Handloom Fabrics collection to the customers for designing, regular use, gifting, collecting and more purposes. These fabrics are tailored from natural stretch yarns to deliver rigidity and longevity to them. In addition, our fabrics have an accurate thread count that implies they have significant weight and are composed to deliver a certain purpose. These Handloom Fabrics can be used for making different clothing items, living decoration items and more that will deliver the same features as the naturally tailored fabrics.
Hand Embroidered Fabrics
Embroidery has been the customary activity of ladies in the household. However, we have launched our collection of Hand Embroidered Fabrics that is intended for decoration and regular use purposes. This range is designed by our highly trained designers by employing strong threads, rust safe equipment, and other robust material. Altogether these highlights offer our range a beautiful finish with mesmerizing patterns on breathable fabrics. In addition, our Hand Embroidered Fabrics collection can be purchased in different designs such as floral, symmetrical and more. By looking at the design and features of our collection, the customers would not believe the price at which we are offering it.
Ladies Scarves
Now that the winter is coming, we are featuring an amazing collection of Ladies Scarves for both men and women. These clothing materials are tailored from thermal safe fabric and strong yarn to deliver reliability, colorfastness, strength, and quality. In addition, this range can be purchased by the customers in different colors, designs, patterns, and shapes, they only require to submit their requirements with us. The collection of scarves can be stretched as per the requirement and it will come back to its natural shape and size because it is stretch and wear safe.